Swing and strike your phone against your friends to spar with them in a virtual dimension! Sparring is Virgeo's flagship sensor technology bundled into a free to play application

Virgeo Sparring

There has been a rift in the time space continuum. Items from another dimension have started to appear in our own. The keepers of these items use them to battle within their own virtual geography

Map View

Map View allows you to see other players and items on the map

Sparring Mode

Do physical swings and strikes with your phone to battle other players

Star View

This mode uses augmented reality to let you find items in your geographic location

Sparring on Google Play

Bluetooth TicTacToe

Bluetooth TicTacToe

Get the classic game of TicTacToe on your Android device!

This app lets you play your friends on your local device, or across two devices with the app. You can also play the computer on easy, medium, and hard modes.

Bluetooth TicTacToe on Google Play


Sensor Test

Test and experiment with various sensors and functions available on your Android device


Detect sensor statistics in real time, log them to file, and use small apps like the pedometer to test your sensors further

Location Capability

Find your specific longitude and latitude, or explore your surroundings with map functionality

Bluetooth TicTacToe on Google Play